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Red, White and Blue

When I was a kid, the Fourth of July was not as big an event as it is, today. 

Or, at least, in my memory, it wasn't.

Sure, we had a picnic and watched fireworks, but that was it. It was a great summer day, but it bore more resemblance to July 10 or July 19, than it did to Christmas.

Boy, has that changed!

Now, I have more patriotic attire options to buy, than I would ever be able to wear. My daughter requested that her fingernails and toenails be painted red, white and blue, in preparation for the big day. Parade arrangements have taken on a life of their own. "Where to watch the fireworks" is THE topic of discussion on the playground and at the grocery store. If you haven't stocked up on both your watermelon and your sparklers by now, you might be out of luck.

Best of all, there are no less than 27 houses with American Flags flying, in between my house and the highway. 

My children will remember the Fourth of July as a BIG DEAL. Friends and food are everywhere, it's hot, they are in and out of at least three swimming pools before finally settling in at their place on the blanket for the fireworks show. In short, it's kid-heaven.

On this holiday, at least, I am happy for the ostentation and the added celebration. Bring it on, and more.

God Bless America!