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Keeping the Kids Safe During 4th of July

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! Our typical day consists of cooking out on the grill, swimming at the pool, and watching the fireworks display at the end of the night. There is always lots of fun to be had as we celebrate the independence of our great nation.

There are more times than not tragedies on this day as well, many of which pertain to small children. Many times these accidents occur on the basis of carelessness, lack of knowledge or both. 

It's always so heartbreaking to turn on the news the day after we have celebrated to find senseless accidents that could have been avoided. 

Here are just a few gentle reminders on how to keep kids safe this 4th of July!

1. Never Assume- I am guilty of this because both of my kids are great swimmers. I just assume they can go out to the deep and still handle themselves accordingly but this is a huge misconception that can be costly! There are tons of examples of great swimmers who have drowned because the current took them under of they lost their footing. Keep a close eye on your kids and if possible have them swim in pairs. The same thing goes for fireworks and other items that you have familiarity with. We can't just assume our kids will be safe, err on the side of caution.

2. Inform your kids- I know a lot of people attend local and community events on July 4th which I think is great! However, large crowds can be daunting if one of your little ones strays away and gets lost. Be sure to inform your kiddos no matter how young of what to do if they happen to lose sight of you. It's so easy for them to get lost in the crowd and become overwhelmed. I like to tell my little ones if you can't find a police officer, find a mommy with a child she will know what to do. 

3. Hang out in Groups - When you have multiples it's hard to add more to the pot. The more the merrier seems more like a cliche than loads of fun. However, holidays and seasonal activities are more fun with more people and it adds to the eyes watching! Even if it's older teenagers, grandparents, or neighbors the more people there are watching the kids the less likely you are to run into accidents. So invite everyone on over and throw a big party and give everyone the task of keeping their eyes and ears open for the little ones running all around!

4. Carpe Diem- Seize the day! Enjoy yourself, don't spend ALL your time being a worry wart! Take the time to relax and appreciate the company of your family. Times like these are rare and beautiful! Spend them wisely!

Here's to having a Rocking 4th of July! Be sure to follow me on facebook at or on twitter or visit by blog