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Mix-it-up makeup

It was like something straight out of a Judy Blume novel. An epic milestone, the most exciting thing that had yet transpired in my otherwise ordinary life. My somewhat strict mother had finally relented on her long-standing makeup ban and begrudgingly brought me to Wal-Mart. With coin purse in hand, I combed the aisles and painstakingly made my selections: Maybelline baby blue eye shadow and shimmery pink Wet 'n Wild lip gloss. (Don't judge: it was the 80s). It was cause for celebration and many late night phone convos with my friends about my turn of good fortune.

Unfortunately, no one gave me lessons on how to apply the aforementioned cosmetics. Fortunately, no one needs to make the same mistakes I did thanks to a cool new makeup line.

EyeDoll Chatter is mineral makeup designed just for teens and tweens. The kits include colorful scented shadows, blushes and lip glosses that can be playfully mixed and matched. For example, the eye kit houses three colors and three scented shimmers.

The colors are light and natural, nothing too garish, perfectly suited for the younger set. Plus, the products are made in the U.S.A and free from talcs, dyes and parabens. 

And there's a cool factor: creations can be shared via text, Facebook or Twitter with EyeDoll Chatter's free iPhone app.

Find out more and purchase kits (priced at $25 each) at