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Stuff Dad's Stocking with this Man Must-Have: The iGrill

As Texas residents there is a requirement that you own a grill. It’s like an extension of your kitchen and like many things also in Texas – the bigger the better. Thankfully, temperatures here allow you to cook outside ‘round the year except when Mother Nature throws you a loop about half-way through the grilling process.

I know from my own experience that there have been many times I’ve had the “perfect meal” ready to go…I just needed to cook the steaks. Unfortunately, you either have to stay and babysit the steaks OR put them on the grill, walk-away just for a second and then SOMETHING always makes you forget and you end up having some really well-done steaks. It’s like I just need a little steak cook for about 20 minutes to watch the meat and then tell me when they’re done…

And then there was iGrill. Your IPhone/IPad already does everything else. It’s already your phone, computer, assistant, baby camera/monitor (yes, I have that app), and everything else…well now you can add cook to its long-list of reasons you’ll never be able to go to another smart device. Created by iDevices, the iGrill is a wireless cooking thermometer that you plug into your meat and it alerts you on your device when the meat gets to the right temperature. Almost seems like cheating, right?
Whether you’re grilling, smoking or indoor cooking, the iGrill wants to be your new cooking assistant. Using two included probes, the iGrill device measures the temperature and using the free app on your IPhone, alerts you when you should come and check out your meat. Bottom line: You can stay inside, watch TV and then come out and take the meat out when it’s done. The app even provides you links to recipes from Jennie-O as well as a guide to making the perfect steak and even deboning a fish.

While I would say this baby is perfect for a man gift this Christmas, I can only imagine how my first turkey would have actually turned out if my IPhone would had woke me up from my accidental slumber rather than to wake up two hours later with a huge, burned bird. I think the iGrill might be the way to save many meals in the future…it’s wireless cooking at your fingertips.

Starting at $79
Available at, Brookstone, and Apple

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