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Happy Halloween! Is it New Year's yet?

I am the first to admit that life moves pretty quickly at my house. We are busy, busy, busy with school, soccer, dance class, baseball, Indian Princesses, football, church and cheering for TCU. 

This is by choice. We all love the social nature of these activities and the kids actually behave better, with a healthy dose of a schedule.

However, with Halloween in our rear view mirror, it seems that even our fast-paced life has begun to fast-forward. Christmas commercials are in full swing. Several people have asked if I'm done with my holiday shopping. (Um, no.) Deadlines are looming for party reservations, dessert orders, and Christmas Card photos. 

In a word, Yikes.

If we're not careful, this wonderful time of the year will zoom by in a blur and we'll miss it. Sure, we'll attend the events and check off the list. But, it's just as important to actually "be present" during the event and recognize the joy in finding the perfect gift. Time with friends and family is misspent if it's not relished. 

I am trying to find ways to show my children how to enjoy the season and not just rush through it. Should we volunteer somewhere, as a family? How can I improve my "eating dinner at the table, together" percentage in December?

Saying no to somethings might actually mean saying yes to a better experience.

I'm working on it. It's on my list.