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Texas Tornadoes to blow through Ohio

Warning, people of Ohio:

A riled-up Tea Party group from Texas is coming to your door.

Since the campaigns don't visit anymore, a few Texans are going elsewhere to campaign.

Next week, some lucky voters in west Cleveland will answer the doorbell to find a burly, 68-year-old former Dallas high school football coach in a Lone Star flag shirt.

"We're there to talk about faith, family, freedom -- Texas values!" said Ray Myers, now a construction executive in Forney and leader of the Kaufman County Tea Party.

"We're talking about Texas values because they're the values everyone should have."

I'm not sure Ohioans will agree.

But Myers and 17 Texans have already been walking Chesapeake, Va., knocking on doors to stir up religious conservatives for Mitt Romney on behalf of Georgia activist Ralph Reed's Faith & Freedom Coalition.

In a voice reminiscent of Yosemite Sam, Myers demonstrated his front-porch pitch.

"I tell 'em, 'Hi, I'm Ray Myers, and I'm from Texas, and we came 1,800 miles to see you!'"

If a voter is conservative but has doubts about Romney, Myers said he replies: "In Texas, we're for the most conservative person we can find. This year, Mitt's the guy."

On the other hand, if a voter is what Myers called a "hard Democrat or union member," Myers complains about gas prices and claims a neighbor in Forney lost his landscaping job to illegal aliens.

Myers even has a pacifist message: "[Barack] Obama promised to bring our troops back from Afghanistan. Romney will bring them back."

In Texas, we might call those tall tales.

But you can see why Virginians nicknamed the guests the "Texas Tornadoes."

"People here were very impressed," said Nancy Smith of We R Virginia, affiliated with a national Tea Party get-out-the-vote drive.

"They're from a conservative state. They know the message."

Just for emphasis, Myers spelled out his Tea Party's exact message:

Obama must go. And not only from Washington.

"Obama has scared the daylights out of America," Myers said.

"We don't want him in our country anymore. We don't want him breathing the same air we breathe here. We want him gone."

Ohio, you've been warned.

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