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Time again for presidential debate bingo!

Are you up for another one?

The big debates have been coming as frequently as Cowboys games, and the wall-to-wall commentary in between is about as intense. Some might be thankful that we go through this only once every four years.

Monday's edition is the last of the election season.

Let's mark it with another bingo game. This time, foreign policy is the focus, but who knows? Tuesday's big takeaway could be something as random as Big Bird.

Here's a special thing to watch for: The moderator is TCU grad and Texas native Bob Schieffer. Moderators have been a bigger story than ever this year, and we're rooting for Schieffer to be a tough and fair enforcer on both sides and do TCU's journalism school, which bears his name, proud.

Grab your cards at right and get after it.

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