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No Wonder They Love School!

The first six weeks of the school year have come and gone. Report Cards are due to come home today. It hardly seems possible that we are in the full-swing of school, when there is so much fun going on!

For the next four weeks, these are the items on my kids' school calendars:

Boosterthon Fun Run


Book Fair

Storybook Parade

There is not a single "regular" week, among them. Not a single "normal" week, without something extra and fun going on.

Throw in a Casa Manana "Tom Sawyer" field trip for my second grader and the presence of "Carrot" the class pet bunny for my Kindergartener, and it's a recipe for loving school.

Is it just me, or was elementary school just not this exciting when we were small? I really liked school, but my memories are of many, many days and weeks of, simply, SCHOOL. You know, math tests and spelling lists and science experiments. Eat lunch on a green tray in the cafeteria, run around outside for 20 minutes, repeat.

For like, 250 days.

Ah well, I'm not actually complaining. I love that my kids love school. We'll just need to fit in some class work, before the week of Thanksgiving Break. (Which, yes, was only two days of break, when I was small.)

....and then find time for multiplication tables, in between Holiday Caroling and class parties....