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Lose a Dress Size with Just a Wink

My family recently celebrated my daughter’s first birthday …while it was a day of joy for my daughter; I’ll admit I was sad that after a year, I was still carrying my baby weight (and then some.) While I wish that this post was the miracle way I dropped 20 lbs., at least I can share that I figured out how to drop a dress size… at least for a couple of hours.

Actually after two kids, things on my body don’t look or feel the way they used to (to say the least.) And while I’m working to get things back in order with diet and exercise, there are certainly some areas that need all the help that I can get. During my first pregnancy, I didn't know anything about belly bands or post-pregnancy garments and how they can help get the body put back into place. However, several weeks later, I realized that I needed a little more (or a lot more) help than what the band could do. I needed something that didn't just put my baby weight in place, but helped me in all the other places, too.

So I began the search for something that could do more for me and didn't end up either in my purse at the end of the night or rolled up underneath my bra creating one more extra roll.  I purchased cheap ones, expensive brands, belly bands, full-thigh girdles and even a tank top in hopes to find the ideal solution for making me look like Jennifer Lopez without all the workouts and salmon. While each of them may solve one problem area, I was trading one body issue for another (lovely).

When I was offered the chance to try a new brand, I was anxious to see how I would be mushed up, sucked up, and all the other things that happen when you put on a girdle – or shapewear as they now call it. However, anything could be better than the way things were looking nowadays.

My Wink Belly & Hip Shaper is perfect for post partum weight issues as well as those like myself that are holding on to the baby way after the fact. Unlike other bands (I've tried several), it is longer than the average band, and extends well beyond hip level. It is secured on the bottom and the top with a customary elastic band so it will not ride up when you sit down (I've tried four different ones and this one is the only one that doesn't roll.) This length provides compression at the waist as well as the hips, thereby compressing and shrinking belly and hips up to two sizes. Best of all, with size panels of hook and eye closure on the side, it allows for adjustment and tightening as your size goes down and the fabric allows your skin to breathe, so you aren't sweating underneath that dress you’ve been working to get into for weeks.

Need a little more help in some other places? Don’t worry – they have those too. From postpartum compression, booty lifting and even active wear, Wink has several CUTE options that still make you feel attractive – without feeling like a mummy. 

And with a name like Wink – this woman-owned business promises it won’t tell (or show) that you’ve had a little help to look that good.

I received one or more of the mentioned products for the sole purpose of this review. No other compensating was given and all opinions expressed are 100 percent my own. (Accordance with FTC's 16 CFR Part 255, "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.")