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Perry says he didn't have sleep apnea during campaign

AUSTIN -- Gov. Rick Perry is denying he has sleep apnea after the diagnosis was revealed in a reporter's diary from a failed presidential campaign marked by several notable flubs.

Perry said Thursday that he was misdiagnosed with the condition during the campaign. It was recently disclosed in the e-book Oops! by Texas Tribune reporter Jay Root.

Perry's most notable misstep was his "Oops" comment during a televised debate when he couldn't recall the third federal agency he wanted to eliminate.

Perry said Thursday that doctors considered sleep apnea as a potential cause of his sleepless nights. Perry tried sleeping with a special mask but said it didn't work.

Perry had back surgery before the campaign and says now he was kept awake by a nerve issue in his foot.

Root is a former Star-Telegram and Associated Press reporter in Austin.