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Without Exception...

Without exception...

There used to be many of these in my life.

Without exception, I will control my own schedule.

Without exception, I will not cry at work.

Without exception, we will have chocolate in the house.

Without exception, I will try and see the best in all people.

Without exception, there is always a way to get it done.

Without exception, I will guard my need for sleep.

Without exception, I will not over commit my time.

All of these, were BEFORE children. (Interestingly, they were also BEFORE marriage, and managed to remain, largely, in tact. Hmmm.) 

But not after children. The older the children get, the more exceptions to my "without exceptions" are made.

Of course, the controlling my own schedule and the need for sleep went out the window, first. 

Then, I had to redefine the "always a way to get it done" by significantly reducing my to do list.

It is impossible not to over commit my time, when the children's time is ALSO my time. Therefore, I have the same 24 hours, but two more little people's activities and responsibilities to fill up those hours. And I've already given up the sleep.

Lately, two more "without exceptions" have gone my the wayside.

No mom seeks first to see the best in another child who hurts their own. I don't want to try and see the best in anyone, big or little, who damages self-esteem or places doubt where there used to be confidence. I only want to hurt them, back. Honestly. 

Connected to that one, the crying at work is bound to happen. A worried mom, worries wherever she is. I did manage to shed the tears in the elevator, though.  

This leaves me, appropriately, with the chocolate in the house.

Without exception.

The Hershey Bar stash has safely made the cut.

So far.