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Always Know Where "Kids Can Eat Free" with Free New App

I try to always give readers a heads up on where they can score free food -- especially when you are paying for kids to eat, too. Worst off, when you are trying to eat healthy it can go to the wayside if you have to take out the whole family. (I mean how can you compete with a Little Ceasar's Pizza at $5 for a large pepperoni!) That's why one of the most heavily downloaded lists is that of all the “kids eat free” restaurants in DFW. But keeping up that list and printing it out to put on the refrigerator may be a thing of the past with a new free website and app.

Jennifer Bilbro, a busy mom tired of overpaying for kids’ meals, founded Out to Eat With Kids, an online database featuring local restaurants with economical and healthy kids’ meals. At , parents can search by zip code and day of the week to find a selection of FREE or reduced-price kids’ meals at local restaurants. Parents can also access this incredible resource for meals on-the-go by using its  free mobile app . (This is what I use.)

Out to Eat With Kids features more than 15,000 restaurants nationwide and is constantly being updated with new deals. Plus, Out to Eat With Kids is working with the National Restaurant Association to promote healthy children's menu options that meet nutritional standards through its Kids LiveWell program and features a special logo next to qualifying restaurants.

I found around 15 Kids Eat Free specials in DFW on the app, so it’s off to a great start. And hopefully so are we to saving a little money!