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Why I Went Out for Fashion's Night Out

[This blog is devoted to all things mama -- which means most the time it's stuff about the kids, what to make for dinner and things that are designed to make our lives easier. This month I'm taking the focus off the family and putting it back on #1 (that's you, ladies!) With all the stresses of being a mama, we have a tendency to forget about us...from our looks, our bodies and our minds. So September is all about taking care of yourself and remembering that there are other parts of being a mom...being yourself. (And if you don't remember what that means, then you really need to get ready this month!) So get out a glass of water or wine and enjoy!]
I'm still recovering, but I have to admit it was all worth it in the name of shopping! 
September 6, 2012 I celebrated my first Fashion's Night Out. I'll be honest I wasn't sure what I was doing and for what reason it seemed that Galleria Dallas, along with most every shopping center in DFW, was rolling out the red carpet with hosted parties, Djs, special offers, gifts and best of all, free nibbles and bubbly for one night called Fashion's Night Out. Based on an event started by Vogue in New York a few years back, this nationwide campaign has become like Christmas for those of us that love fashion, style and every thing in between. Since I was told I had missed a good time last year, I decided I would make this year work. I'm glad I did. 

A glass of wine, nibbles, make up and a 'do and I was ready to make my way to the festivities.

I'm certainly not a celebrity, but everyone at Galleria Dallas acted like they were for the night along with the local celebs that also made an appearance like Fox 4s Good Day Dallas Anchor Lauren Przybyl, Galleria Dallas Fashion Stylist (and mama to 3 girls) Holly Quartaro and Texas Living's Hilary Kennedy (along with a whole lotta bloggers and other media folks.) 

I started off with hair and make up from Toni & Guy at their VIP lounge designed to get us all in prime form to look our best and make us feel like a million bucks before going elbow to elbow with models for the evening. After a glass of pinot and a few tasty bites of OMG hummus from Townhouse Kitchen + Bar, sweets from Godiva and a big swag bag to keep my hair in place for later, I put on my best I'm-probably-going-to-break-my-ankles heels and strutted all of my stuff down to start the party hopping.

Galleria Dallas' Fashion Stylist Holly Quartaro making the rounds at  FNO at Galleria Dallas.

And hop we did...I didn't even make it to all the events that night which included runway shows down the "longest runway in America," but the ones I did attend - they were great! And the freebies alone were worth going...especially when I donated a purse to Dooney & Bourke and they gave me a $50 sun glass case for free. Then off to Kenneth Cole, which upon checking in our Foursquare, handed me a great reusable shopping bag. After hearing about the party happening over at one of my favorite store's Brahmin, I scored the awesome "official FNO tote" to store all my samples and swags I'd picked up along the way. I did miss out on the personalized monogrammed stationary from Papyrus as well as the hand massages at L'occitane, but my poor little feet couldn't have run any faster to get there before they ran out. 

One of several parties at Galleria Dallas' FNO event. 
The evening felt more like a party than a shopping trip and to be honest, it's exactly what I needed. It was a reason to get out and enjoy things I enjoy like shoes and handbags (in that order), but that's not all. It gave me a purpose to remember that it's okay to enjoy doing something for no reason at all except to enjoy it. Of course, I couldn't just let it be the evening alone to remember. Maybe it was the champagne, but somehow a beautiful Brahmin bag to make it home with me. While it wasn't free, I did get a AMAZING discount and by just picking it up, I kinda still feel like a million dollars even with my apron and flip flops on. 

A bag at Brahmin I may have purchased during my fun night out at Fashion's Night Out. Isn't it cute!?!
So for those of you still wondering, "Why Fashion's Night Out?" 

My answer to you is: "Why not?" 

***Disclaimer: I work on the behalf of the Galleria Dallas to promote events and activities at the center. However, I attended this event and enjoyed the heck out of myself - even if I was "at work." It was one of those days that "going to the office" wasn't so bad. Everything said here was done on my own and for my own enjoyment.