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5 Great Teacher Gifts Ideas from Pinterest

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you are well aware of the newest social media craze Pinterest. This site takes shared ideas from around the world and pins them into an online board for the world to view. There is everything from cooking, fitness, education, health and beauty, interior design and the list goes on and on and on. It's the equivalent of having a brunch swap with girlfriends where you bring the best of every idea in every area! 

Now before you go pinning be sure to carve out a generous amount of time, you can easily find yourself lost in a sea of ideas swimming around in your head. When taking on Pinterest its best to have your purpose in mind before getting started, which leads me to our current blog.

As you may or may not know teacher appreciation week is coming up next week! It's time to show our teachers how much we appreciate all of their hard work throughout the school year. While pinning the other day I found some great, inexpensive yet original ideas to create that will show your child's teacher just how much you appreciate them. Check out all the neat teacher ideas below:

1. M and M's Gift- One of my personal favorites, nothing says thank you like a handmade gift with true sentiment! I love gifts that cause others to be inspired and are cost effective. I mean nothing says thank you like a bracelet from Tiffanys BUT if you are working with a budget this one is right for you.

2.Mini Oreo Pops- Who doesn't love cake pops and these are no exception! Considering cake pops are fairly easy to pull off this makes for the perfect teacher appreciation gift.

3. Gift Cards with a Twist- I have to admit I am the gift card queen! In part because I love to receive them and I just figure people like them as much as I do. There's nothing like opening a gift to find out you have money to your favorite store! How adorable is this gift card with a twist. All of the greatness wrapped in one cute package.

4. Chocolate always works- Love this idea and the cute little quote that goes with it! Chocolate is a necessity to make it through any day, especially when you are dealing with 20+ kids at any given moment of the day.

5. Cute little jars- There were several of these ideas for teachers but this one is my absolute favorite! In part because I used to get my students engaged by handing them smarties when I wanted to see who was listening. What a great gift one you can enjoy and give away!

Those are just a few fun ideas for teachers, I am sure if you visit pinterest you will find many many more! Happy pinning and Make it a Great Mommy Day. Visit me online at, @tiffulcher on twitter or