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Earth Day: Little Changes That Can Make a Big Difference

To recognize Earth Day, April 22, I felt I needed to do something environmentally impactful like start a compost pile or quit using disposable diapers. Unfortunately, my time and patience kept me from being the good example I intended to be. Instead I decided it was possible to still be a good patron of Mother Earth by just making a few changes with my family’s everyday that make tomorrow even better.

Turn in your toothbrush for the World Centric Compostable Toothbrush & Compostable Travel Case

With four people and several toothbrushes a year (and several multiples for us in different bathrooms), we are looking at around 20 toothbrushes just for our family. According to research reports, approximately 450 million toothbrushes are landfilled every year in the Unites States.

Using a compostable toothbrush shows that you care about the environment and about properly disposing of waste. This BPI certified compostable toothbrush and compostable travel case are made from Ingeo™ (derived from plants), instead of petroleum based plastics. Bristles are not compostable. You can break off the head to compost the handle and travel case within 6 months in a commercial composting facility. You can also send them your old toothbrush and travel case for composting.

Cash in your carpet cleaner for CLEAN+GREEN Auto Odor Eliminator, Cleaner and Stain Remover

We love our dog, Birddie. She’s a great dog and thankfully, she’s potty-trained, but sometimes there are accidents that must be cleaned in the house and sometimes in the car. When I take her to the vet or the groomer, she leaves a special scent that I’d rather bottle up and never open again. But to find something that can clean the problem and not run us out of the room/car with the fumes is an issue. Clean+Green line of cleaners provides a nice alternative to clean up the mess, the smell and not wonder if my pet or my kiddos are going to get sick if they inhale any poisonous fumes.

Used by pet and cleaning professionals, this professional strength product uses exclusive patented encapsulation technology and advanced eliminator formula. It’s made of natural ingredients like purified water, cane sugar derivatives, a proprietary blend of botanical extracts and hydrated cellulose (plant-derived cleaning agents), and a natural propellant – nitrogen. It’s environmentally non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable and natural propellant.

And good for me, it's quick and easy; working on contact - no need to soak, scrub or rinse.

Trade in your Zip Lock for the Sandwich Sack SnackTaxi

Every day I pack a lunch for my three-year old so I try to make it easy for him and his teachers for cleanup. Unfortunately just like me every day millions of plastic sandwich bags end up in U.S. landfills. So when I had to consider this Velcro sack. This stylish, reusable bag combines the convenience of a plastic bag with the durability of a food container and comes in several designs. Each one keeps up to 1,000 plastic bags out of landfills and is perfectly sized to carry your favorite sandwich. A Velcro® closure keeps contents securely inside, and they are flexible enough to fit into a wide range of backpacks, totes and diaper bags.

And did I mention you can put it in the washer – not the dishwasher, but the washing machine! (So one less thing for you to clean!)

Throw in the towel for Marcal Small Steps Napkins

With two kids and a dog, we use a lot of napkins. Actually, did you know the average person uses six paper napkins daily. So when I came across Marcal’s Small Steps® 100% recycled “green” napkins, it was exactly what I needed. And best of all, it wasn’t much more than are normal budget napkin. Another great features it that there is a drawstring to close the bag, so unlike my normal brand, I have napkins loose and getting wrinkled in the cabinet. Marcal’s Small Step Napkins are 100% recycled, hypoallergenic, free of dyes and fragrances and is manufactured without chlorine bleaching.

And treat ourselves with a good job with some good SunRidge Farms Chocolate Earth Balls

What a great way to treat ourselves to a job well done than with these cute little individually wrapped Earth-themed foil from SunRidge Farms. Made from an USDA organic certified company, these candies are  sweetened with sugar cane than refined sugar and from a company know for being friendly to Earth and to your health. 

See? It is possible to make a little impact even if it’s just one toothbrush, napkin, sandwich bag or cleaner (and chocolate) at a time. Little changes can make a big difference.

Happy Earth Day!

Disclaimer: I was provided the toothbrush, Auto Pet Odor Eliminator, SunRidge Farms chocolates and sandwich sack SnackTaxi from the Container Store for consideration of this review. However, the opinions presented are all my own.