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Rain Outs

Why is it that the only bad weather days are days when my son's baseball team has a game scheduled?

Torrential rains at the end of March: game days.

The recent rainstorm and tornado day: game day.

Monday's wet fog day: game day.

Note that all the surrounding days have been sunny and gorgeous. Call it Murphy's Law, applied to the Little League Cubs.

With the combination of regular games and make-up games, we are currently scheduled to play on Saturday, a double header on Sunday and again on Monday night. The forecast calls for a 30% chance of rain on each of the days leading up to the weekend and on each of the days after the weekend. Needless to say, I am not optimistic that games will go off, as planned.

I'm left to wonder, at what point are there more games to make-up than there are days left in the season?

The boys are seven. They love to play, but are just as interested in the snack bar visit, after the game. Would they really notice if they played 12 games, rather than 14? We Moms are the ones left to figure out Plan B, C and W, every time the games move. I am hard pressed to be at dance class and batting practice, at the same time, with 12 hours notice.

There. Now I've gotten it out and can move on. It's a silly thing to complain about, really, so I'll grin and bear it.

After all, I could harness this weather jinx for a good purpose:

If you're planning an outdoor event and are wondering about the weather, just send me a message. I'll check our baseball calendar for you. If it's a Cubs game day, bring your umbrella!