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SOS: Save our socks with ToeBlooms

As a mom of a two kids, I’ve been through A LOT of socks. I mean a lot. It seems every time I purchased a box of diapers, I was also replenishing a supply of new socks. Thankfully, with a boy a pair of plain ole white socks wasn’t a huge concern, just an inconvenience. However, with a little princess now of eight months, white crews don’t cut it. I buy socks to match each outfit (yes, you know if you have a girl you also buy hair accessories and sometimes even blankets, too.) Unfortunately, after about six months trying to keep up with those cute socks was getting to be a real pain. Really. My son, who saw my frustration, told me that he was going to “get the sock monster” for eating all of Taylor’s socks!

Now with the spring approaching, socks seem to be less a real need to keep her toes warm, but more of an accessory with her cute outfits. However, even though I have several pairs of adorable shoes given to her as gifts, shoes aren’t as practical or advised until around the age of one. So what’s a mom to do?
TOE BLOOMS, I found, was my answer.

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Let me start – they aren’t the cheapest little things at around $23, but neither are all those bows and headbands I’ve been buying either. However, they are the cutest little “sock wraps” with bright colors and designs featuring big, beautiful flowers. And when your daughter’s name is rose, you can imagine that many of her outfits, accessories (and even her room) are all decked out with roses, so I was hooked instantly.
Toe Blooms are a must-have for moms tired of coming home with just one of baby’s shoes! This adorable line of stylish baby footwear stays on by wrapping securely around baby’s sweet feet and can be worn with or without socks (so she’s got her summer shoe wear too!) To get your pair, you can get them online on their cute website, (Be careful though, they have handbands to match!)

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****DISCLAIMER: I was provided a sample of ToeBlooms to try for myself. However, the claims made here and my review is all my own. *** Also posted on Are you ready to take the challenge?