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Baby Camera That Goes and Grows With You

With two kids, I have had experience with all types of baby products that work (and don’t work) for my family. I remember with my first born I was set on having a nice, wooden high-chair that could become a furniture piece that could grow old with our family. I spent a lot of money on it and while it does look pretty, it’s the $25 plastic high chair that was our saving grace.

One good purchase that lasted for both kids though has been my trusty camera monitor. Being a mom you know that there are times you just need to see your baby to feel like it’s okay to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, a monitor next to my bed isn’t the only place I want a camera but in other places like in the kitchen when I am cooking or the laundry room. Even more so I could even be able to peek on her when I am not home and other people are watching her…So I was back to the drawing board to find something that did what my camera did and more.

Then coincidently, I found exactly what I was looking for. A local company called seemed to have merged my need for a baby camera monitor with my handy, dandy most-loved IPhone. How awesome is that…and even better my family could utilize it anytime they signed on.
Source: via Autumn on Pinterest
My interest was piqued, so installation, here we come!
While the product had a reasonably sized instruction manual, it wasn’t necessary since it was pretty easy to hook up. I went online to the website and went through the process using their quick run through. After an hour or so, I had made the connection and downloaded one of four different apps to use on my IPhone (this is an additional cost from $2.99 – 19.99) and then I was up and going. Better yet, I wasn’t just up and going, I was able to have a secure look at my child and also allow only those I wanted to “check in” on my baby girl!
Source: via Autumn on Pinterest
I figured out this camera wasn’t just a baby camera, but was the camera that grows with your kids. While I still have a few years to worry about curfews, the app even allows you to set up a function to email you when your kid walks through the door! (Basically, there’s no need to wait up because it will email you with a time when they come through the door. And if I had a babysitter I wanted to check in on, I had that too. GENIUS!

Now there’s one more way to stay connected with your smartphone, tablet and (even) your old school PC or Mac!

If you are interested in learning more about this camera will be at the Dallas Kids Expo, March 24 at Dallas Market Hall. Word is will be offering a special on the camera with installation if you want to pick up yours immediately! While you are there, also make plans to bring the kids for Bob the Builder, bounce houses and other fun entertainment. Mom and dad can also learn about other local DFW resources including other baby products like this. Tickets are $12 at the door and kids 12 and under get in free with a jar of peanut butter for the North Texas Food Bank. For more information about the Dallas Kids Expo, check out their website at

*** supplied the camera and mounting equipment for this review. The purchase of the app for my IPhone as well as my reviews are all my own.