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Unlimited Library Day

It's been a rough few weeks, behavior-wise, at our house. Chalk it up to Spring Fever, Cabin Fever, School Field Trips, the barometric pressure, or anything else....but it's been lousy.

Everything has been a fight:

Time for Bed

Get Dressed

Enough of the Wii

Come to the Dinner Table, the first time it's requested

Come Inside

Go Outside

Wash Your Hands

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Stop Copying Your Sister

Leave Your Brother's Toothbrush Alone

Stop Yelling! (Usually yelled, by me.)

In any case, just when we thought we were never going to see our sweet, well-mannered children, ever again, the library came to our rescue.

We are library regulars, earnestly selecting our five-books-a-piece, each week. Imagine our surprise to walk into our library this week to find a big sign, indicating:

"It's Unlimited Library Day!"

The kids were immediately intrigued. What did this mean? Did it apply to them? How many books could they really carry?

38 books later, thanks to some nice, skinny paperback chapter books, we were home. It is not an exaggeration to say that these books have reminded us that we really do have lovely children. The past two days have been trouble-free. With a seemingly endless stack of new books to read, the kiddos are happy. They willingly sit together, in the same room, and pour through the books. The seven-year-old reads to the five-year-old. We actually caught them discussing a fairy tale. What??!!

Who would have thought that it would be the library that brought some sanity back into our routine? An absolutely free, totally self-driven source of fun and peace.