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Paul prepares for Kansas caucus

TOPEKA, Kan. -- Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul called Kansas "a fertile field" Friday as he pitched his libertarian views the day before state caucuses for delegates to the party's national convention.

Paul, of Lake Jackson, told about 500 people at a downtown Topeka rally that he doesn't have a particular number of delegates in mind but "the more the merrier."

Kansas has 40 delegates up for grabs in the caucuses, which will be held at 96 locations statewide.

Gov. Sam Brownback met with Paul before the rally and then joined former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum at another Topeka event.

Brownback endorsed Gov. Rick Perry before he suspended his campaign in January.

Paul was the only candidate to attend a Tea Party rally in Wichita by Kansas for Liberty, where there was grumbling about Rick Santorum's skipping the event.