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How to Keep Your Kids from Getting Sick

I am sitting at home right now with a sick toddler.  The older kids went back to school and the minute they did someone was bound to get sick.  I had high hopes that it wouldn't be the youngest child in the family but unfortunately she was the first victim.  I'm just a little upset with myself because I didn't take my normal precautions.  I am pretty good about ensuring the health of my kids by taking a few simple steps on a regular basis.  The following are a few tried and true safe, simple, yet effective tools I use throughout the school year and beyond to ensure my kids health.

1. Vitamins- This is so essential. Vitamins provide all of the missing nutrients that are not provided in our meals.  At certain times of the school year I may be more lenient than I care to admit with my kids diet, its during these times that sickness can run rampant.  Vitamins provide the extra nourishment needed for healthy growing bodies.

2. Lysol Spray- I know this goes without saying but it can be used prior to getting sick to help with prevention.  I generally spray my kids shoes, backpacks, and sports gear on a daily basis.  These are areas that generally carry lots of undetected germs that spread easily but are overlooked.

3. Two outfit changes a day- My first year teaching elementary school I stayed sick.  I tried everything but still ended up sick most of the school year.  Then a teacher suggested that I remove my clothing and shower immediately after getting home from work.  This was a life saver that I have since introduced to my kids.  Although they don't shower, I generally request that they remove their clothing daily immediately after getting home from school. It may seem like an extra step but it helps in keeping those  germs at bay.

4. Vitamin C tablets- I love to give these to my kids mostly because they think they are candy and will eat as many as they are provided.  When I hear the first cough or sneeze I immediately give my kids one to two tablets it works like a charm.  Vitamin C is great for everyday use in addition to the regular vitamins provided.

5. Exercise outside- I try to get the kids out in the sun and running around as often as possible.  Fresh air can do wonders for germs.  Stuffy environments are breeding grounds for germs even in the cleanest environments.  Bringing the outside in is a great idea as well, open the windows and free those little germ monsters from time to time.

There you have it. We will be entering the infamous flu season very soon, if you start incorporating some of these things now you will notice a reduction in the colds and maybe even skip the flu this season.  You will be so glad you did because there is nothing worse than a sick little one, I should know my little one is crying for me right now!

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