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Cold and cooped up

This born-and-raised Minnesotan, is never one to complain about the cold, snowy or even icy weather. In fact, I kind of love it. The snow, at least. So calming, so beautiful. But I’m starting to change my tone a little now that there’s a toddler involved in my life. Talk about cabin fever!

After four days of our city almost shutting down due to the bad weather, I was just about ready to go crazy last week. I say this even though we left the house all but a day or two. One night we made the treacherous drive to IHOP, just about the only restaurant we could find that was open. And another morning was deemed perfect for a long breakfast with friends. But despite managing to still work in a few outings in last week, I was still about ready to go crazy. How do people raise kids in cold-weather states?

My 16-month-old likes a change of scenery every so often. We’re lucky to have a public park and playground right in our back yard, so most days in Texas we can count on the weather being warm enough for a trip over there. Happy baby, happy mommy. But with long mornings and afternoons surrounding her nap with no where to go, I found we were both starting to go a little crazy. We’re all for days here and there where we lounge around the house all day, but all week was a little much! Here’s hoping that the temperature this weekend really does hit 70 degrees.