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Super Cheap Photo Valentines

I love, love, love, photo Valentine's!  I have bought photo Valentines for my kiddos for the last four years and I'm always super thrilled that these are cheaper than regular Valentines.

In Walgreen's ad this week, on page 5, there is a coupon for Photo Valentines for 14 cents each. However, two photo Valentines are printed on each sheet, so they actually cost 7 cents each. I bought 130 photo Valentines and they only cost me $9.85! I saved $42.34 with the Walgreen's coupon!

If you are able to take advantage of this great deal (coupon expires 2/12/11), you'll need to make sure that the store gives you the right size envelopes. They are horrible about giving the large envelopes instead of the smaller Valentine's exchange size.

Happy Valentines!