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One for the Memory Books

My little girl turns four on Friday!

Last year was memorable, as we celebrated by moving to a hotel for the night because there was a Texas-blizzard and no heat at our house. This year, we'll celebrate by taking lots of pictures of this darling birthday girl and her BIG BLACK EYE.

Her fourth birthday party will forever be associated with the pictures that capture the purple, green and, only recently, a lovely shade of yellow, blossoming all around her eye. Not to be outdone, her cheek bone also has a very large pink and purple scrape running all the way down to her mouth. This is what happens when an almost-four-year-old-cheek meets the immovable firplace bricks that her parents have been warning her about since she could crawl.

The funny part, now that we know nothing is permanently damaged, is that she cannot see this ghastly injury. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to bother her very much, so she forgets about it. And then she sees herself in the bathroom mirror and is shocked, all over again.  Not only had she forgotten it was there at all, but each day, the bruise looks different. I think she views it as some kind of art project that happens to be on her face. The examination of the colors is good for at least five minutes, every time she passes by a mirror.

I even think that her big brother is a bit jealous. This, after all, is an injury that draws attention. How can his unharmed sweet face possibly compete with her "what's the story behind that one?!" public reaction?

Happy Birthday to my precious girl. We'll hope for unblemished photos, next year!