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Review: "Pink Floyd Meets Barney"

As a part of the "Family Series at the Bass," Corbian the Dinosaur hit town last night. As a friend and I walked in with our six-year-old boys, we really did not know what to expect. The show was billed as "...a truly unique and innovative theatre experience." Would this mean entertainment for the kiddos, or not?

Bass Hall's main floor was full of other parents and children, wondering the same thing. As the lights went down, the music came up and the first of the glow in the dark, electroluminescent creatures made its entrance. A tiny electric green armadillo scooted across the stage, followed by two fantastic pterodactyls, flying down the aisles. Ooohs and aaahhs were heard from the small-person contingent. What followed was an hour of creative movement, physical comedy and a friendship story, set only to music.

And all in the dark.

Every "cast member" was an electric representation of a dinosaur, fish, bird or turtle and we were lead through Corbian the Dinosaur's search for his friend. While the deeper meaning of the show was probably lost on our boys, they were thoroughly entertained by the special effects. At the conclusion of the show, the stage lights were brought up, just long enough to see the humans behind the magic, dressed all in black and sporting enormous contraptions on their backs. This, for our group, was simply, "cool!"

Performing Arts Fort Worth presented this show and I was, once again, reminded of how lucky we are to live in a city where we are so easily exposed to such tremendous variety. The performance was, certainly, "Pink Floyd Meets Barney," in the nicest sense of the words.