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Just getting to the gym is a workout

Let me say it one more time: Thank goodness the holidays are over! Our family has been so happy to get back to normal. Back to our boring old routine. Back to weekends with no real plans. The best kind, where the three of us can decide what we feel like doing that day, and then do it. And another good thing, with all this extra time on our hands, we’ve finally worked the gym back into our routine. It had been months, I think, since we had made it there more than once a week. And once every three weeks was really more like it for most of November and December.

But with this return to the gym, I’ve found myself wondering, don’t I do enough already? Don’t I deserve to just relax on the couch when I have some free time? Here’s why: the trek to the gym is exhausting on its own.

Get dressed to workout. Get the baby changed and dressed to leave the house for an hour. Get the dog fed and outside. (Reminder: He’s 90 pounds and not always very cooperative, so this isn’t always easy!) Get the baby strapped in the car seat. (This is never easy anymore. She wants to jump over the edge as soon as I set her down.) Drive to the gym. Haul baby to the kid-care area. And now, finally, I’m standing at the elliptical, ready to work out. Really? Does getting here have to be such an ordeal? I feel like I deserve a break by the time I get anywhere these days. Hauling a kid around is not easy, which is no surprise to any mother out there!

I really miss the days where I could run in and out of the grocery store in five minutes. Or run several errands in 30 minutes. But really, I’m not complaining. The company from the back seat makes up for the extra work. The giggles... The babbling... So I guess I’ll just keep looking at the positive side, and try to remember, with all my extra effort getting to the gym, at least I must be burning a few extra calories. And no one can complain about that! Means I can have an extra cookie when I finally do make it back to the couch.