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Tone up your skin

The advent of 8th grade made me turn to toners. I discerned from the ads in my teen magazines that a heavy-duty toner was necessary to combat the oiliness of adolescence. But every product I tried was super harsh and stripped my sensitive skin. After an especially unfortunate incident with a bottle of Sea Breeze, I swore off toners all together.

But during a recent facial, an aesthician convinced me that I needed some sort of toner. Its purpose is to get rid of excess oil and debris that a facial wash may leave behind. The key, she told me, is to find one without alcohol.

Armed with that info, I've been on the lookout for a good toner. So when I discovered that Aubrey Organics, a great natural line, carried an alcohol-free toner, I was intrigued.

And now I'm hooked. The Vegecol toner is an herbal formula that refreshes with aloe, natural witch hazel extract and lavender water. There's no added frgrance, so it's great for sensitive skin. Suprisingly, I've found that it even hydrates my skin and helps my moisturizer glide on more smoothly.

Several stores carry Aubrey Organics products, including Whole Foods. You can also order online at