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5 Tips on How to Cut Your Grocery Bill

Food prices are rising once again and when you are feeding a family this can certainly put a damper on your budget.  Here are a few tips on how to keep healthy and child friendly meals on the table without hurting your bottomline.

1. Shop Warehouse Retailers- Places like Sams and Costco can save you hundreds in the long run.  With great prices and large quantities you are sure to get more bang for your buck.  For moms like myself who have a child there are big savings.  The best part of the warehouse retailers is that they have great tastings on Saturdays!

2. Use Coupons- As retailers compete for your dollars, more and more are sending out coupons.  Check your local newspapers on Wednesdays and Fridays, these are the days when coupons are generally sent out.  Using coupons can cut your grocery bill by as much as 50%!

3. Shop around the deals- Use the deals that you find at retailers to bargain at other places.  Walmart for example, will match any retailers deals with the exception of 10 for 10 deals. This is an awesome find when you are shopping for the more expensive finds like meats and fruits. 

4. Create a weekly meal list before shopping- This is one of my favorite tricks.  I hated going to the store for groceries and coming out short of items necessary to make the perfect meal.  I started creating a weekly meal list and only purchased those items and a few additional things for lunches.  I cut my food bill drastically by not purchasing items that had no intended use over the week.

5. Shop Groupon and other online coupon retailers- Groupon is one of my FAVORITE online coupon retailers.  There daily deals are great for shopping at 50% or more.  They are an online retailer that has a niche audience and requires your email so most of the ads are for specific products such as organic foods or gourmet meals.

That's savings in a nutshell. Now we can ride the tide of the high food prices, now what to do about those gas prices...hmm maybe that will be my next blog post.

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