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Fort Worth Treat

My kids love to go to Costco, because they LOVE trying all the samples and yesterday we got to sample a Fort Worth treat. Anderson Trail (a local Fort Worth business) was on location offering samples of their product. They make a natural soft granola in various flavors. The samples available were Blueberry, Peanut Butter Graham Cracker & Original Recipe. I liked them all, but I really liked the Blueberry. I did want to buy a bag of Blueberry, but they were being sold in sets of 3 mix-and-match for $12.99, so I was on the fence on whether or not I wanted to buy 3 bags of Blueberry. I then found out that Central Market carries the product and sells it for $7.99 a bag. After doing some quick math in my head I realized that they were selling their product basically half off at Costco, so I quickly scooped up three of them.

This product is great on its own, but it's amazing in yogurt. I put some in yogurt this morning for my daughter and she kept asking for more. I personally do not like regular granola because it's too hard for my liking, but this stuff is great. Anderson Trail will be at Costco everyday until Sunday, January 16th. It's worth the trip to Costco to sample this granola for yourself, but beware, because you'll probably walk out with at least 3 bags for yourself.