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Hibernation for Moms?

My daughter's three-year-old class is learning about the letter B this week....balloons, baskets, balls and bears. On Monday, she came home with the thrilling news that her class would be "hi-Bear-nating" on Friday. She could wear her warmest jammies to school, bring teddy grahams and strawberries for all of the little "bears" to eat and be prepared to snuggle up with books and games for the morning.

Admittedly, I am a huge fan of this pre-school. The curriculum is academic AND fun and did completely prepare my older son for Kindergarten. This "hi-bear-nation" excercise I think, is brilliant. It's fun, scientific, educational and includes both snacks and the treat of wearing pj's to school.

The more I think about it, actually, the more application I see for a "hibernation day" for parents. The let-down after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, combined with the truly COLD weather this week, leads me to wish for this kind of day. What mom among us couldn't use a day in her jammies, fruit snacks, a good book and a warm blanket? The highest highlight would then be the "long winter's nap" that seems guaranteed with the hibernation term, right?

Please, please, bring us all one of these days. Like the bears, we would emerge, hungry, invigorated, refreshed and in search of our families and friends. We'd be ready to take on the rest of the winter. We'd relish the opportunity to play outside, cook dinner and help with homework. Others would wonder "Where did she get all of that energy?"

Sign me up. I've got my blanket, ready.