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I've never been one to put too much thought into my New Year's resolutions. Half the time I hardly give them a second thought, if I make them at all. But this year, with a sweet, opinionated toddler roaming our house, I decided there was one worth making.

Our 1-year-old has become a curious ball of fire lately. She's into everything, and whenever you walk past something in the house that's even somewhat interesting to the sweet girl, she points and whines. And she continues to point and whine until she gets said object. Well, we've decided it's important not to give into her every desire, or we'll teach her that whining gets her exactly what she wants. We need to discourage this terrible sound now, or we're going to go crazy in the next few years!

So my resolution this year: to keep my patience in check. She is, after all, just a curious baby. So when I feel frustrated that she "doesn't get" why she can't have something, and this then turns into whining and crying, I'd like to be the bigger person and always make sure I keep my cool. That I don't get frustrated. And that I'm always using a calm voice to explain to her why things are like they are.

I've never been one to have a temper, and most people think my husband and I are about as laid-back as they come. But I know toddlers can test even the best of us. So that's why I decided 2011 was worth at least one resolution.

I'll let you know how it goes. And good luck with whatever you're resolving to do in 2011.