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Happy Half-Year!

Is it a New Year or just the second half of the old one? You know the one. The year that started in August? School? Dance Class? Sunday School? Book Club? You name the activity, these days, at least in my world, the "year" is better defined as August - May with a June/July "time off for good behavior" thrown in.

Yes, January 1 sounds nice and fresh. 2011 sounds shiny-new. (It will even take me until at least March before I remember to date my checks correctly.) There are plenty of TV commercials, weight loss ads and resolution suggestions to help me know that, to some, there really is such thing as a calendar year.

My life, however, is much more ruled by the previously mentioned begining and ending months. For me, January brings the second half of Kindergarten and the second half of dance classes on Thursday afternoons. As my electronic and old-school paper calendars begin to fill up with appointments, games, playdates and school functions, I find myself labeling things in May as "End of Year" celebrations and recitals. I am planning our July vacation and looking forward to the last-hurrah-before-the-year-starts-feeling that comes in that month.

It's a funny phenomenon and, surely, one that most of us are living. Maybe there's a million dollars to be made in the "Make a Fresh Start in August!" industry. It would certainly get my attention!