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Mixed Messages

I hope that I'm not the only Mom who finds herself trying to straighten out her children's understanding of the Holidays.

Please, tell me I'm not the only one at a loss for words when hearing questions and pronouncements like these:

"I think we need some reindeer in this manger scene. All we have are sheep."

"What gift did Santa bring to Baby Jesus?"

"Were the Three Wise Men filling in for Santa because it was so long ago?"

"Did Rudolph live in the same barn as the other animals, where Jesus was born?"

"I think that Frosty the Snowman should have invited Mary and Joseph to come to the North Pole, with him."

and lastly,

"Did the Grinch have to apologize to Baby Jesus for stealing Santa's clothes?"

I've decided to enjoy the entertainment value of these questions and statements. I'll keep explaining the separation of Santa and Baby Jesus, but will just go along for the ride, until the kiddos get it straight. How about you?