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Does this Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?

I know that is the title of a book I have around here somewhere amidst all the clutter.  I am sure to find it as soon as I declutter my back closet, kids closet, linen closet, and every closet in the house that is filled to the max with stuff!

First, I can't understand how we moved into a new home almost twice the size of our old home just shy of two years ago and we have already managed to fill each and every closet with stuff. I keep saying stuff because I really am not sure what else to call it, I mean most of it obviously has not true value because it hasn't been touched in months. 

I declutter regularly only to find that the stuff that I declutter has clutter which creates more clutter until the new clutter completely takes over the old clutter and I find my decluttering has completed cluttered my mind and overwhelmed me and I give up altogether. 

The only thing that keeps me from thinking that I am not completely insane with regard to clutter is the fact that 1. I know that most people have clutter and I am not completely alone. 2. I hide all of my clutter in my closets so its not spilling out everywhere, but if you should open a closet door watch out!

The worst of it is I have a million and one gadgets from the container store to put things in but these little doo dads just seem to take up space and create more reasons to have more stuff which leads to more clutter.

I guess its safe to say that some amount of clutter will always be atleast in my home that is true, I think I can handle it for now, I just don't want to become one of those old ladies on hoarders with a lot of cats and dolls from days when my grown kids were little. 

So as we prepare for the next season, I am pulling out all the summer clothes and putting in all the winter clothes....I am decluttering or recluttering or rearranging clutter....something like that! Signing off for now, Make it a great Mommy Day!