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Dang Automated Red Light Cameras!

It was only last week when we received our first Automated Red Light Enforcement ticket. I always wondered what they cost and I now know it's $75. In my husband's defense, he did turn right on red at Hulen/Granbury, and after seeing the video footage, my husband submitted the form to contest it. I'm curious to what the outcome will be.

When I got home today, I saw another Automated Red Light Enforcement in the mail. Are you kidding me! I quickly opened it, because I was sure it was my husband, but it was for my vehicle! What? I know there is no way I come close to running any of those dang lights. (I'm a little freaked out over those darn things.) Just looking at the pictures you can tell that the light was red before my vehicle even got into the intersection. I immediately blamed my husband.  He pleaded his innocence, but I needed proof. He pulled up his calendar and we were actually at an event at the Stockyards and my husband's parents were watching the kids.  While we were gone, my father-in-law apparently took my vehicle to take my son somewhere, so it was actually my father-in-law and not my husband. Sorry!