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Ten Tips for a Happy Turkey Day

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I know what you are probably thinking....who doesn't enjoy turkey day, I mean good food, friends, family, and the beginning of the holiday season.  For moms like myself and others this is also the beginning of "The Most Stressful Time of the Year" (in my singing voice), why you ask because generally we are the hostess and not the hosted.  Fret not my dear, I have ten GREAT tips on how to get through turkey day with a smile on your face and a song in your heart...hear we go!

1. Grin and bear it- I know you have slaved in the kitchen for hours just for your mother-in-law to say that your potatoes are a little lumpy, but just smile and think in the back of your mind all of this will be behind you and there will another 364 days before you see her, I mean this day again.

2.  Plan Ahead- Nothing says stress free like proper planning.  Be sure to get RSVPs from all of your guests and discourage family from inviting people at the last minute. I know it sounds taboo at Thanksgiving but you will be so glad you did! Nothing says stress like Uncle Bob, his wife and 4 children showing up at your door right before dinner!

3. Get Everyone Involved- If you are the host, then you are the host family.  Have the kids help set the table and greet guests. Hubby will have to put down the remote and step away from the football momentairly to help out in the kitchen and complete store runs.  When everyone gets involved you won't feel so overwhelmed even if they aren't doing much.

4.  Cater- This could be the end of the world for some people and for others a complete life saver.  If you have small children or lots of guests consider catering your meal or picking up a complete package deal at one of your local grocery stores.  This will save on time and if resources are a concern ask other family members to pitch in to get one big meal that will be sufficient for everyone.

5. Have a non-traditonal meal- Who says you have to have turkey on turkey day.  If it suits you and your family have something that is less mess and fuss and much more fun.

6.  Pile on the Potluck- Be responsible for certain items only such as meats or desserts and have guests bring sides, drinks, tableware etc.  This will relieve the host family from both buying and cooking food for everyone.

7.  Eat out- There are a host of resturants open on Thanksgiving day that serve a great meal. Many of these locations also have additional features for that day such as family pictures, pictures with Santa, dessert bars and much more.  A great way to save time and money!

8. Forget the Travel Bug and Stay at Home- Nothing says stress like holiday travel, especially holiday travel with kids. Forget all of the stress and stay at home, I know your grandmothers cousin's aunt was really looking forward to seeing you this year, but just tell her well we just can't make it.  Be sure to send pictures of your children in the Christmas card.  With the new TSA pat downs this one might be a sure bet!

9.  Be a giver- Spend this holiday season giving to others in some way or another. There is something about giving that helps you realize that your life is really great and there is no need to stress out.  When you see how blessed you truly are you won't sweat the small stuff.

10. Let someone host you- Pick up your kids and your keys and head out the door empty handed.  Let a friend or family member host you all for Thanksgiving and don't you dare say no.  You will get the opportunity to be super mom the other 364 days of the year take this time to relax and enjoy, even if you are changing diapers and burping babies it sure beats burning pies.

There you go, ten ways to get though turkey day...remember to give thanks for another year of family, friends, food and fellowship!

Make it a great Mommy Day!