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Black Friday: Lessons Learned

I wasn't actually planning on going to any stores on Black Friday, but when a friend called and asked if I could go, well she didn't have to twist my arm too much.

We weren't originally going to go to Toys R Us for their sale that started at 10PM on Thursday, but my friend saw a few items that she wanted to try and get there. We probably arrived to Toys R Us (Ridgmar area) around 9:20PM and we quickly changed our minds because the line was wrapped around the building and was almost to Big Lots.  Given there were some things that I wanted on the list, but I didn't want them that badly, so we decided not to try and find a parking space and to just go ahead and go to Walmart.

We got to Walmart about 9:30 and quickly made our way to the electronic area, where I wanted to pickup several video games and movies. I had to show them the ad before they would open up the video case and told me that they would go ahead and hold the games for me, but I wouldn't be allowed to checkout until 10PM (the time the ad started at Toys R Us). I quickly found the rest of the items that I was looking for and I probably checked out around 10:05PM. There were only a couple of items that I wanted to get that Walmart didn't have, but I figured that if  we had decided to get in line for Toys R Us, I probably would have ended up with zero items. I bought two wii games, (one for $10 and one for $15), three DS games ($15 each), four movies, (two for $2, one for $5 and one for $7.50), and a toy for my daughter that was half off. We were so excited that we found most of the items that we wanted and that we were done so quickly.

We did pull and all nighter and ended up going to six stores total. I'll spare you the details of every store we went to, but I will tell you about our experience at Kohl's. We arrived there about about 3:30AM and we parked and walked into the side entrance. That store was CROWED, however, my friend quickly found the digital camera she was looking for and she asked me if I was interested in looking at anything. I really didn't, but I remembered seeing diamond studed earrings on sale and I have been missing one of my diamond stud earrings for a very long time, so I decided to pull a number at the jewelry counter to check them out.

While I was waiting for my number to be called my friend did some Christmas shopping near by. I probably waited about 10 minutes for my number to be called and I did decide to go ahead and get the earrings. They took my number and and earrings and told me that they would call my number again when they were ready for me to check out. My friend told me that she was just going to go ahead and wait in line to by her items, but I told her that they were going to call my number for me to buy my earrings and that she could just check out with me. We probably waited about 15 minutes before we check out and as we were walking out we quickly realized the lines to check out at the regular registers were wrapped around the inside of the building! I ran into a couple of people that I knew and I told them that they should get out of line and buy something in the jewelry area because they would get out of the store a lot quicker. I was just completely blown away that my little impulse buy saved us tons of grief. I now know that if I want to get out of a crowded store quickly, that all I need to do is buy some jewelry. Lesson learned!