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My kids have thoroughly enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday week. As compared to my memories of two days off, they've had the whole week. And, the highlight, each of these days, has been lounging in their pajamas in the morning.

We've gone to the zoo, the park, art class, had a picnic in this unbelievable weather, yes, but the highlight, still, is the jammies until mid-morning.

Why is it more fun to build lego towers in these jammies than it is in your clothes?

Why do you have more imagination in your coloring when you have not yet combed your hair?

What is it about comfy pj's that makes a game of Chutes and Ladders more interesting?

I have no idea. But, it's very true at our house.

They've counted three more weeks of school, and getting dressed, right when they get up, before Christmas. Then, it's two weeks of bed-head and slumber-party-attire at our house.