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Out of Town


On Friday, I head out of town with my mom and my sister. Every November, we trek back to our Minnesota homeland for a dose of snow, shopping and our favorite restaurants.

We stay at the hotel that hosted my wedding reception.

We have wine every night in the hotel lobby and watch the beautiful people pass by. We eat breakfast at 11:00, lunch at 2:30 and dinner at 8:00.

We stroll down my favorite shopping avenue in the country and search for Christmas present treasures.

We sit in our room, at night, and read until we all fall asleep.

We eat as many brownies from our favorite bakery as we can legally squeeze into 48 hours.

We enjoy the holiday decorations in an landscape that actually looks and feels like the snowy Christmas scenes that appear on the cards that will begin arriving, soon.

And, for just a weekend, my sister and I are the kids, again, rather than the moms.

In the town where we were little girls and teenagers, we can go back in time and find that place where we asked all of the questions, rather than answering them. We can laugh about what we thought was important and be thankful for what we know is important, now.

I can't wait!