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That Holiday in November

"Mom, where are the Thanksgiving decorations?"

This question, heard from my son not two minutes after we put away all of our Halloween decorations, was a reminder of how quickly October turns to December.

"Why are there so many things to do for Halloween and nothing for Thanksgiving?"

This question, heard from my daughter the next day, was additional proof that we are all easily swept from ghosts and goblins to elves and St. Nick.

To be truthful, my children raise some good questions. Who decided that Thanksgiving would be a single-day-holiday? There is definitely not a countdown to the fourth Thursday of the month. We certainly don't see stores, bursting with turkey feathers and cornucopia garland, demanding that we participate in the November season. Thanksgiving, as described my my son, is "just kind of yellow and brown." Hmmm. Strangely descriptive, don't you think?

I am as a big a fan of Christmas as they come, but I'd still like to enjoy the no-pressure, warm feeling of Thanksgiving this year. No, I don't have, or plan to make, decorations. No, I'll not be throwing a Thanksgiving-themed party for a bunch of three and six-year-olds. Maybe, though, I can be mindful of the calm before the December storm and enjoy the family time that Thanksgiving does bring to my house.

After all, who can't appreciate, anticipate and relish a magnificent, multiple-course, homemade meal... on a Thursday?!