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Nursing moms to miss out on health tax break

I thought some of the other moms out there might be interested in this New York Times article, if you missed it in the Star-Telegram today. The IRS ruled that money from your flexible spending account cannot be used toward breast pumps or other supplies that help moms keep breastfeeding. I wasn't surprised when I saw this (we live in a society that does very little to encourage breastfeeding) but I was disappointed nonetheless.

Breastfeeding isn't for everyone, but there's a lot of research that points to the great benefits for mom and baby if you're able to nurse for the first year of baby's life. With many of us returning to work, whether we want to or need to, it would sure be nice if we got a little extra help here and there! Not that this small tax break would make or break nursing for anyone (but pumps are expensive). But a little understanding could go a long way. Healthier babies means lower medical expenses, which seems just as worthy of this health tax break pimple cream.