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Light and Dark

I spent a great deal of time this summer, trying to explain to my children that, yes, it really was time for bed even though, yes, it was still light outside.

I understood that playing ball or swinging sounded like a better idea, given the sunshine that was still present. I wasn't actually that crazy about herding everyone inside for baths when it seemed like much more fun to ignore the clock and pay my dues with sleepy, cranky kids, later. But, I did it, because that's what Moms do.

Now, as the last of Daylight Savings time is with us, I am spending an equal amount of time, trying to explain that yes, it really is time to get up even though, yes, it is still dark outside.

For me, this side of the equation is even harder. Everything that comes out of my kids' mouths has already run through my head. It can't be time to get up, it's still night. The bathroom lights hurt my eyes; why are we up in the dark? My bed is warm and the house is dark; I don't want to get dressed yet. But again, I'm doing it, because that's what Moms do.

As much as I LOVE the extra daylight hours in the evening, they are waning, too. I find myself happily anticipating next weekend's extra hour of sleep. With this, I hope, will come an easier wake-up call in the morning, for both my family and me.

I may be able to convince myself, and them, that we're ready to start the day because, yes, the sun has already started it for us.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.