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Shiny, happy hair

Oh, the tortures I inflict on my poor hair. Blow-drying, flat ironing, curling, highlighting. And let's not forget the most medieval procedures performed during the homage to big hair in the 80s that I have never quite recovered from: spiral perms and crimping. Seriously, who thought star shapes imprinted on hair was a good idea?

But all hope is not lost, thanks to the wonderful world of Weleda. Appropriately named after the Celtic goddess of wisdom and healing, this natural beauty brand has developed the most divine hair product ever.

Rosemary Hair Oil is a conditioning treatment for over-processed, lackluster locks. And it's quite versatile. For light conditioning, rub a few drops into wet or dry hair. For deeper conditioning, be a little more generous with the application, then throw on a shower cap. Leave on for 40 minutes and shampoo out.

I swear, the results are absolutely stunning. You will once again possess shiny, healthy, happy hair.

Now step away from the blowdryer and give your hair a break.

Weleda Hair Oil, $9.99 on

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