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Confessions of a Yesaholic

No, that is not a type o in my title line..Hi my name is Tiffany and I am a yesaholic.  I have said yes to far too many things in my life that are absolutely overwhelming me and I have found myself drowning in my commitments.  

Some things were so much easier to do when there was just the two kids minus the infant but now that there is the three of them I feel I am in over my head.  Its so bad that at night I find myself unable to sleep I am concerned about the things that I said I would get done and haven't!

At what point is too much....well too much, I have decided that point is now.  I have to take back my life and everything in it, I can't allow myself to become so engrossed in the shaping helping and doing of others that the freedom that I need to live life no longer exists.  Its one thing to be overwhelmed with the managing of your household but to be overwhelmed in any area outside of that is simply bad decision making.  

Life is far too short to spend it unhappy, and I have found that those commitments that once made me happy have now become burdensome to me. I am not in anyway complaining I am simply stating that my life is overwhelming enough without having to do bake sales, fundraisers, volunteer here and there.....its just not going to happen.  

I applaud the mommies who do it all, keep the house together, look great, stay fit, have the perfect marriage, volunteer at the kids schools and church and local events, take care of the kids and all while cooking a healthy dinner every single night. I really do applaud them, but I have come to realize something eye opening...I AM NOT ONE OF THEM and even though I have tried my hardest to be all of that and more, its just not happening.  From this day forward I will turn my yes into a no, my frown into a smile, and walk in the freedom God gave me.  

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I am a recovering yesaholic I have been clean and sober for one day!

Make it a great mommy day!