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Say ahhhh for aloe

Last weekend, I committed a big beauty blunder: I was skimpy with the sunscreen.

Sure, I can blame my husband for not thoroughly coating my now inflamed back. But ultimately it's my fault for not reapplying after body surfing the salty waves. And I'm paying the painful price: The worst sunburn I've had since my reckless youth when I eschewed sunscreen completely. 

As if I don't feel bad enough (literally), my doctor just read me the riot act for treating my skin so terribly. Talk about poor timing for a dermatologist appointment, but I deserved to be chastised.

Since sunburn can strike even the best-intentioned (ahem), it's a good idea to stock your beach bag with this amazing After Sun Aloe Soother from Kiss My Face. Unlike most "aloe" products (I'm talking about that bright electric green goop), the ingredient list doesn't include alcohol. The bottle boasts that it's filled with 95% aloe vera, along with yucca-glauca root and jewelweed, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Short of having a handy aloe plant hanging around, I swear there's nothing more soothing.

Apply this stuff, whip up an umbrella-sporting tropical-sounding drink (or guilt your husband into making you one) and retreat indoors. Then read these sunscreen 101 tips 
(Note to self: Order spray I can use to coat own back) and promise me that you'll do better next time.

Kiss My Face After Sun Soother, $8.95

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