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I am entirely unable to write about anything specifically motherly this morning, because I am completely entranced by the coverage of the miners' rescue.

I was up too late last night and I was late to work this morning, because I was watching that rocket capsule make its voyage up and and down that tiny hole.

As I watched footage of the Chilean underground, live from my family room in Texas, I thought: "I cannot believe I am seeing this."

When the first and second miners arrived at the surface and exited the capsule, I cried. To experience their reunion with the world was overwhelming. To see their exuberance and physical health after such and experience was miraculous. To imagine what their wives and children and mothers were feeling was impossible, so I just cried.

I was "happy-sad," as I tell my children, who then shake their heads in disbelief. Crying when you're happy?! Never! Unheard of! Why?

Why? In one word: JOY.