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Get more for the $ with DFWs Top 7 Social Buying Sites

By now I am sure part of your first email check of the day includes seeing “what’s offered in the Groupon?”I know I have had my house cleaned, my carpets shampooed, my back rubbed, my hair cut and highlighted and my nails painted all with a “groupon.” But what many people don’t know that you have more than one choice nowadays here in DFW. So if you don’t know what a Groupon is or love them so much you wish there were more – here’s my roundup on what makes them each a little different (but a lot more the same).


Groupon – The granddaddy of the social buying concept, the Groupon started it all. Yep, kids you have two options here so make sure you sign up for Dallas and Fort Worth to make this worth your while, but hurry you only have 24 hours to make it happen! When you make a referral and they buy their first one, $10 for you.


Living Social – Again, there’s two offers each for Fort Worth and Dallas. When you send it on, you get $5 credit.


Mamapedia’s Sweet Deal – I love these because you got one option for DFW and when you purchase something, 5% goes to the school of your choice. And just for looking at the site, sharing links and other small tasks, you get points to use towards exclusive deals, higher donations. Get someone to buy a deal and you get $10 in credit towards another purchase as well as points.  


Buy With MeSame as the Groupon, FW and Dallas are options and you get $10 for a referral. The cool thing here is that there are more than one offer floating at a time, so you can have a couple of days to make your purchase or decide to.  


Seize the Deal – It’s the same old thing, DFW is your option and you get $10 for getting someone to buy one.  


Juice in the City – This is kinda the newbie and broke out of the mold by establishing a Collin County sign-up before the soon-to-be-launched DFW. Get a referral, get $10.


Twongo – This service has figured out that what the FW is DFW, so your only option is Dallas for this one and it looks like they may be losing to the big dogs, which is why I put it on the bottom of the list.


I am pretty sure there are also tons of other ones I don’t even know, so please share in the love as it only helps us all share in the savings! Just remember some of these have more than one subscription, so maximize your opportunity and sign up for both.


I had tons of moms ask me about this one lately, so I hope this is helpful!