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Make it: Monogram pumpkin

Add some personality to your porch with this easy project that will last for many Halloweens to come.

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Purchased at Michaels

Celebrate it flickering pumpkin light ($3)

2. Valspar glitter spray paint in transparent gold (Reg. $7.99, on sale for $2.99)

3. Black craft paint or black marker

Purchased at Hobby Lobby

1. Orange carvable craft pumpkin ($34.99 on sale 40% off, $21)

2. Pumpkin masters 4-in-1 Carving tool ($2)

Total cost (not including paint/marker) = $28.99

blog post photo

blog post photo


1. Draw initial with black paint or marker. Male sure it is thick enough to cut around full initial.

2. Use carving tool to cut out initial.

3. Cut small hole in bottom of pumpkin for flickering light.

4. Spray glitter paint evenly over outside of cut pumpkin.

5. Insert flickering light and place on porch.

You can also use a five watt bulb to light your pumpkin but follow all other safety instructions and do not use a flame in
or around the craft pumpkin.

Craft and photos: Heather Witherspoon