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What Does Football Have to Do With Laundry?

What, indeed, you might be asking?

At our house, there is a direct correlation between Football Games and Amount of Laundry in my six-year-old's basket.

We cruise along, all week, with one shirt and one pair of pants for each day, without a problem. Dirt? Cool. Sweat? It'll dry. Food? Oh well.

And then comes Saturday and Sunday.

The first ensemble is donned along with ESPN's College Game Day site. This past weekend, the on-air team visited the Oregon Ducks. My son grabbed his green and yellow t-shirts and began the day.

The day progresses with his clothing being changed to reflect one of the currently playing teams. Again, this weekend, he went thorugh his LSU Tiger Pride Shirt, orange shirt and navy shorts for the Auburn game, a quick change to a yellow shirt with the navy shorts for the Michigan game, a longer period of his beloved TCU Andy Dalton #14 Game Jersey, on to green and white for Michigan State and finally, back to the green and yellow for the nighttime Oregon game. Although it might sound like this kid is sitting in front of the television all day, this is not the case. He checks the ESPN scoreboard for a currently playing team, selects his colors and then heads outside to reenact his own version of the game. Sometimes, Dad plays defense (And must wear the correct colors, too) and sometimes my son plays both sides of the ball. No matter the case, an accurate color scheme will be in place. This also ensures that every piece of clothing really does require washing. How convenient!

A similar, if narrowed down, version of this fashion parade takes place with the NFL teams on Sundays. Because my husband works in the sports industry, many of his work colleagues see fit to send their home team jerseys to our son. So, we have quite a collection. And I know, because I'm washing at least four of them every week.

Add in the additional soccer and baseball uniforms worn each weekend and you begin to get an idea of the laundry loads.

How long will this phase last? Who knows? I'll just keep stocking up on detergent!