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Free Food: Taco Cabana (October 4 only)

I love me some Taco Cabana (at least for drive-thru tacos) and breakfast there is yummy. They have a new offering with Kiolbassa (that's sausage, people) and egg taco and they are giving them free on National Taco Day (I do wish it was their chicken taco, instead, but hey, it's free!)

FREE FOOD, Taco Cabana - Oct. 4 (7 AM - 9 AM)

Participating Taco Cabana locations and only one person.

One last thing - while searching the site, I found out those cheap Cabana Bowls they have had, can be made-to-order and six of them are under 400 calories (no shell of course, but all the good stuff. So perhaps, there is a way to go out to eat, reasonably healthy and reasonably cheap! (Now if they would just deliver. Check out the calorie count at:

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